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Starting a REVOLUTION in weapon care

FrogLube CLP Extreme Lubricant Gun Care System

Cleaners & Lubricants

There is no miracle all in one product. You need a cleaner and a lubricant, we make both that are bio based, food grade and completely safe.

FrogLube Removes and Prevents Rust

Say bye to oxidation

Our cleaners cut through the harshest fouling and corrosives. Our Lubricants preserve and protect.

FrogLube CLP Paste and Extreme Lubricant Gun Cleaning System

The SAFE & SMART Choice


FrogLube Knife Cleaning and Care kit

No limits

FrogLube is for ALL weapons platforms. Check out this video from our friends at SOG on how to care for your blade

Our officers can’t believe how much cleaner our weapons are. Thank you very much for assistance with the order and throughout the process. We actually removed any remaining cleaning products from our armory and are only using FrogLube. Thanks again for all your help. Will be in touch when we start to run low.


Union County Department of Corrections - 2018

Having run frog lube for a few years this is the first time it has accrued to me that maybe some people don't know about this great product. From using it during my matches for the service to having my platoon use it on all small arms weapons (m4, m249, m240l and m9) to my personal home defense weapons. I know when I need a part to be lubricated that this product will keep it going.

B. Brabant - 2018

The word from the Head Shed

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