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The FrogLube Brand is a "premium" brand based on high quality and high character. We DO NOT condone disparagement of our brand or those of our competitors. 


Social Sites Behavioral Disclaimer: FrogLube is not political, but we are patriotic. We frown on cultural or political animus amongst our competitors posts on the social sites, however we strongly encourage and promote our Country, our Constitutional Freedoms and our Countrymen/women whenever your competition intersects with those ideals.

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FrogLube is the world's FIRST Completely Bio Based Weapons Care and Performance system. FrogLube System includes CLP, Solvents, Degreasers and Lubricants. Designed to preform in even the harshest conditions.

Choose FrogLube for all of your firearms gun cleaning and maintenance  our CLP lubricant liquid and paste products are superior to non petroleum products. FrogLube is non toxic and safe for the whole family to use when cleaning. 

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