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FrogLube v Petroleum

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Let us explain why biobased products are superior to traditional petroleum for gun care


Photo : Defense Marketing Group

In nearly 10 years of use, these initial results have been repeatedly validated by FrogLube and many industry professionals. We listen to resellers, OEM manufacturers, professional firearms personnel in Law Enforcement, military, instructors and competitors to continuously improve our products to meet the most demanding situations.​​​​​

FrogLube has replaced petroleum in the firearm operating continuum. Experimenting with Non-petroleum, Bio-based mixtures, FrogLube discovered the following shocking results during firearm testing:

  • No burning

  • Cleans carbon, metals, fouling, lube, copper & lead

  • No sticky or baked on residues

  • No harmful effects on ANY parts or accessories

  • 40% reduction of friction

  • No oxidation or corrosion

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