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This past weekend at the Florida State NRA Smallbore Silhouette championship

We received a FrogLube kit several years ago as a door prize at a state level NRA silhouette match. The kit sat around for a few years and I finally decided to open it and try the products. I've been using the kit for almost a year now and I'm impressed with it. This past weekend at the Florida State NRA Smallbore Silhouette championship our girls not only scored the highest scores, but won the four highest awards in class and for out of state competitors. I'll continue to use the products for our girl's rifles and look forward to trying them on my new Smallbore bench rest rifle.

J. Heisterkamp 04-08-22

Froglube is the best Weapons Cleaning System on the Planet!
I've been using Froglube for about 2-3 years now. I have officially done away with any petroleum based cleaners/lubricants. Froglube meets all my weapons cleaning/lubrication needs.
I first used the Solvent, Paste, and Extreme, on an old Ruger p89 pistol that my father gave me. The slide and action, though cleaned and lubed with Hoppes, for decades, was gritty, and had friction issues. I broke it down with my ultrasonic cleaner, cleaned it more with the Solvent, then seasoned/conditioned with the Paste. Once the Paste soaked into the metal, I wiped off the excess (this is important). Then, I hit the friction points with the Extreme. It now functions better than new. (Verified by my dad, by shooting it after the Froglube application.)

I now use it on every weapon I buy/own, new or used. Before shooting, it gets stripped of the petroleum garbage, and hit with Froglube. I am a Former Marine, and we always swore by Break-Free CLP. It's garbage. It smells, it's messy, and attracts dirt, dust, makes actions gritty. Froglube addresses, and solves, these problems when used properly.






Keep up the great work. You have a customer for life!
T McCullough 03-08-22

You guys/gals will never find another product on my weapons.
Your products in each of the C, L, and P categories beat everything I’ve tried by a mile. Plus, your customer service/appreciation will keep me coming back every time! Thank you!

P McNamara 6-17-20

1084 High Carbon Steel

I just started making blades so I use 1084. It's a great beginner steel. I have used FrogLube on my guns for a few years so naturally, I treat my blades with it. They are used mostly in the coast of Northern California harsh conditions for `1084. No issues at all thanks to FrogLube. I'm continually amazed. I preach the product because it's the truth!

S Swaffar 10-31-19

Fast Service...
I've first found FrogLube in Scottsdale, AZ in 2011. I moved to a rural area and soon discovered FrogLube products were scarcer than hens teeth (even in rural area). I placed an ordered the degreaser/Wipes combo on 9/24 and my order was delivered 9/26 - fast service!!! I now have direct access to excellent maintenance products that every gun owner should try!
S Payford - 9-26-19

Awesome product!
I have been your product for years, must-have for quick cleanings and no foul smells so wife will carry her CWP right away, before regular cleaning products gave her migraines and would not carry her CWP until most of the chemical smells were gone, also FL doesn't make everything stick to her gun from her purse. I took 2- brand new guns her carry Springfield 40 SC. & Glock 30 hers just FL and mine we will say they show misleading info if you don't know how to properly use FL, after a year and 5000+ rounds thru both gun and CWP duty every day , taking both gun all the way apart and comparing wear markings and ECT found FL did much better and further investigation found wife's gun had ver little trash stuck into small cracks an inside of gun hosing as the Glock with other guys had tons of junk in small areas and was stuck to everything like glue, Awesome product and passed poor man's testing. Not the best test but it sure did the job as her other handgun didn't like her purse and was a dust, dirt, and lint magnet. Not now so she will carry. Awesome 👍

S Smith - 07.22.19

This stuff is so awesome. It truly works with no issues. EVER

SO I've shot firearms my whole life. I now compete locally in Multi gun, steel, and USPSA. I use Frog Lube on every weapon system that I own. I hunt all over the country and am a professional guide. I've used my guns in harsh conditions especially in TEXAS. When my older lube would break down quickly the frog lube stays with the weapon system and keeps it running smoothly. I truly love it and will continue to use it on every gun I have.

C Chatellier - 07.10.19

1911 and FrogLube

I heard about Froglube from the SOTG podcast and thought I would try it. I have a 1911 style .45 that didn't like target ammo at all. Froglube'd it and it cycles like a dream now, dirty target ammo and all. Needless to say it is the best firearm lubricant available on the market.

I Carpenter - 6.10.2019


Yes, I said skin care!
I became of the skin care benefits of Frog Lube after using it for the first time on my firearms. Yes, I said skin care. I noticed after using Frog Lube on my firearms that the skin on my hands smooth, not rough and course feeling as it usually is. I noticed I had some dry, flakey skin on my forearms and thought, Why not use some Frog Lube? I did and now I am a believer in the skin care uses for Frog Lube. By the way, the small, dry, rough spots on my arms that my M.D. said were nothing to worry about, are gone! I know you don't want to advertise the skin care benefits of your product but I had to let you know... Besides, the next time I see someone demonstrating your product and telling everyone you can spread it on a slice of bread and eat it, I am going to tell them to try the skin care aspects too! Good job Frog Lube!
R Bircher - 2019


We recommend!
My wife and I live in Canada and firearms are not protected by the second amendment up here. We learned Froglube was founded by a Vet and love to support North American Canada/USA military. We tried Froglube and now have all our firearms treated with it. If you want to protect everything from an Sig Sauer Spartan SR22 Riffle to a 1939 Remington model 12 we strongly recommend treating your equipment with Froglube. If I can find a large kit up here in the great white North I want to try it on my 65" tool chest. Thank you Larry Lasky you have a family that swears by your product to everyone we meet at the ranges we belong to.
A. Pommianville - 2019

Thanks Froglube for making a great product.
Just returned from a 6 day hunt on St. Paul Island in Alaska hunting the Bering Sea for King Eiders. Temps in the mid to high 20s. Hunting out of zodiacs in 20 ft swells and rough chop or on the rocks, our guns were constantly subjected to salt spray and getting drenched by rogue waves. Froglube definitely did it's job and held up to keeping the autoloading 12 gauge operating and rust free in one of the nastiest environments there is when it comes to metal reactions.
A. Schemrich - 2019


It does work!
I "test drove" Frog Lube for a year now. I won't use anything else. Thanks for a product that doesn't suck.
B. Brotherton - 2019



Good Job!
Just wanted to congratulate y'all. Frog Lube is awesome. I had to try it as a Burleson native, and I was very pleasantly surprised. I could tell the difference immediately. I used it to clean an already "clean" weapon just to realize that the weapon was not as clean as I thought it would be or as clean as it looked. I then used it on a post range cleaning and afterward the weapon looked brand new. I also appreciate the great smell. 
BJ O'Donnell  - 2019



Having run frog lube for a few years this is the first time it has accrued to me that maybe some people don't know about this great product. From using it during my matches for the service to having my platoon use it on all small arms weapons (m4, m249, m240l and m9) to my personal home defense weapons. I know when I need a part to be lubricated that this product will keep it going.
B. Brabant - 2018


Exceptional in all ways!!

I’ve been using FrogLube since my last combat deployment with the Army! Their products are beyond first class!! There exceptional in all ways!! Now that I shoot competitively I use even more product than I did overseas and none of my firearms have failed due to lube issues!!
S. Stanfield - 2018


FrogLube Super Degreaser...Wow!
Me and my family are shooters/collectors of U.S. surplus rifles, we have tried many products over the decades, We decided to give your product a try, I don't know, and don't want to know what is in your bore cleaner, I can tell you and all who read this, I have never heard a patch "squeak" until I used your cleaner! It makes our barrels shine! My wife's 1903 Springfield (barrel dated 10-14) looks like a mirror! Before it was light gray, From this date forward, In our house, It will be Frog Lube Bore Cleaner!!


J. Nelms - 2018

We are extremely satisfied with the products we ordered.

Our officers can’t believe how much cleaner our weapons are. Thank you very much for assistance with the order and throughout the process. We actually removed any remaining cleaning products from our armory and are only using FrogLube. Thanks again for all your help. Will be in touch when we start to run low.


Union County Department of Corrections - 2018



I am personally tired of people bashing Frog Lube. 
I have been running the FrogLube System for years and it is by far the best on the market.  I am a former United States Marine and I have used issued products and in my time in the Corps it was Br%^%#$%% CLP and it was junk period.  Had to shake it up to break it up etc.  I use Frog Lube now on all of my firearms and it just works.  I even used Frog Lube on my duty issued firearm which is a Glock 21 and through 2 hurricanes, Irma and Matthew I believe the names were my pistol is still in excellent shape even given the fact it was submerged in saltwater each time but it is still in perfect condition.  FrogLube works better than any other product I have ever seen period hands down!  Keep up the great work at Frog Lube.  Semper Fi!


C. Davis - 2018



I just wanted to take a moment and thank you
for the wonderful product you make.


The Frog Lube Extreme had my rifles running flawlessly for the Navy Pacific Fleet Matches and World Police and Fire Games. I won both of those rifle matches. While I watched other rifles jam after a dust storm on 116A, mine ran flawlessly. it's all I use now. I've been recommending Frog Lube to all my students and recruits. Especially for their daily care and off-duty pistols. (oil goes in your engine, not on your skin.)


I saw your donations to help the hurricane victims restore their firearms. Thank you for doing that, I know your product will be the best thing for the task. Hope to see you at SHOT show. I'll be retiring in March 2018 and then moving to the East coast.


M. Caprioli - 2018

Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department
Training Bureau Navy Reserve - Riverine


Always grew up around firearms my entire life and never once did I truly think of the TRUUUUEEEEEEE importance of cleaning, lubricating, and preserving a firearm. I'm 22 now and have learned a lot since childhood about weapon maintenance and particularly in harsh conditions. I live in Henry County KY and it's smack dab in the middle of the Ohio Valley. This means we get all angles of weather from hailstorms, tornadoes, hurricane weather from the updraft down south, or just the simple cold bitter winters and humid fingernail-sized pollen filled summer ...Frog Lube has EXCEEDED ALL EXPECTATIONS set by ALL PRIOR LUBRICANTS & CLEANERS TO MY KNOWLEDGE!!!


I carry a Sig Sauer P320SC and my SHTF rifle is a quality (not saying brand to avoid brand wars) AKM. I use the PASTE & THE FROG LUBE EXTREME!!!!!!!! My AKM has upwards of 2,200 rounds through the pipe(not always softly either.. I like to push my equipment which is why my conclusion of FL is the way it is.) & my P320SC has an exact number of 2,075 rounds down the pipe and I have definitely got this baby hot and abused considering it is my EDC. I can't thank the Frog Lube guys enough and everybody who buys the product along with myself so I can continue to receive a quality product lol but no seriously. God Bless folks and PLEASE NEVER STOP!!!!!!

L. Durbin 06-15-2018



Please don't stop...

Please don't stop making Froglube products, they work well and I love them.  I particularly use the FL paste, FL extreme, and FL solvent the most. I do use your liquid CLP a bit (on shotguns) but prefer the paste and extreme over it for my pistols and AR-15s.  Keep up the great work and thank you for an excellent bio-based product that I plan on using until it is no longer available.

Semper Fi!

C. Davis 05-08-18



House Fire

I had FrogLube'd some of my handguns on Oct. 10, 2017, my house burned down. Most of the guns were buried in the rubble for up to 15 days in water all the ones that had been FrogLube'd had no rust at all. Wiped them out and good to go. The FrogLube really works great. Thank you for a good product.

D. Tordson 5-7-18




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