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Sponsored Shooters

Meet a few from our family of sponsored shooters!

Jessica Bessler




My name is Jessica Bessler and I am a sponsored shooter for Frog Lube.


I started my journey in competitive shooting not long ago and dove head first into the game. Being a woman in a male dominated sport gives that extra drive and determination to show up and beat them at their own game. It also means that although I might not be as strong or as fast, BUT I am meticulous about my shot placements, my transitions, my footing and that allows me to generally be more accurate.


 I strive to be the best that I can be and constantly improve my knowledge, abilities and gear. Adding Frog Lube to the team is such an amazing feeling because I have been using it for awhile and it always keeps my guns clean and running. 




A malfunction on a stage could cost you a significant amount of points, trusting in Frog Lube means you never have to worry about that. 

Han Bin Cho




Based in Reston, Virginia, Han took his first introduction to firearms course in September of 2021. Han decided to take the leap in to US Practical Shooting Association (USPSA) competitions in March of 2022 and got a rank of D class. Even though he received the lowest ranking in USPSA, he felt more determined than ever. Han took classes from local GrandMaster competitors and was able to achieve C class by the end of 2022. By the end of the 2023 season, Han has achieved the rank of an A class shooter in Carry Optics. Going forward, Han looks to achieve higher rankings and to compete in more major matches nationwide. 

Outside of shooting competitions, Han is the owner of Hans Armory LLC which is a home based FFL. He hopes to achieve greater achievements in shooting and one day become a firearm instructor. Han also spends his time practicing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and is currently a brown belt under Abmar Barbosa. 

Han shoots a CZ Shadow 2 Orange in Carry Optics and a Nighthawk Custom BDS9 in Limited Optics, both kept running by Frog Lube. 




"Han shoots a CZ Shadow 2 Orange in Carry Optics and a Nighthawk Custom BDS9 in Limited Optics, both kept running by Frog Lube."

Christian Chatellier





I started shooting at the age of 5 as a hunter which was a way of life in south Louisiana. I started my law enforcement career early on at the age of 18, working my way up to the State Police. I attended many shooting, sniper, and swat schools along the way and was also a part of the pistol team.


Later, I went overseas as a PMC where I taught on the firearms team as an instructor on multiple weapons systems while serving as a Tactical commander on a PSD team in Iraq.


Now I've gotten the chance to shoot on the Hogue shooting team as well as representing some of the best products there are. I have now been actively shooting 3 gun, USPSA and steel matches for a few years. I also work as a hunting guide in Texas .




"I use noting but Froglube on all my weapons systems because no matter if your hunting or in an unforgiving environment, you can count on FrogLube."

Jamie Franks




Jamie Franks is a US Navy Chief Petty Officer with over 20 years of active service, and 9 overseas deployments – including 3 deployments to Southern Afghanistan. Still on active duty, he serves as a Navy LCAC Hovercraft Pilot, Expeditionary Small Arms Marksmanship Instructor, Water Survival and Search & Rescue Instructor, Navy Rescue Swimmer, Operations Specialist, and Tactical Air Controller. Although a life-long shooting and gun enthusiast, Jamie was first introduced to competitive shooting in 2010 when he was recruited to compete on History Channel's hit reality marksmanship competition television series ‘Top Shot Season-2′, and was invited back in 2013 to compete in the ‘Top Shot All-Stars’. Since 2010, Franks has become a Pro 3-Gun Shooter, and also currently competes in USPSA and IPSC Action Pistol, Action Shotgun, and Precision Long-Range Rifle, and World Shooting Championships.

Outside the Navy, Jamie is an NRA Instructor and Range Safety Officer, and National Registry Emergency Medical Technician, and Firearms & Tactics Combat Shooting Instructor with Active Shooter Defense School in San Diego, CA. certified



"Using Froglube degreaser, solvent, and CLP together, I have ONE SYSTEM that can maintain all my bolt guns, handguns, shotguns, six-guns, and rifles, and keeps them all running flawlessly in competition, tactical training, and daily carry! Having guns that NEVER malfunction gives me a huge advantage."

Vegard Fredriksen




I am a Norwegian shooter who has been competing in IPSC since 2009 with both rifle and pistol. I joined the National Rifle Team in 2012 and started to focus on my rifle shooting and was elected captain of the National Open Team in 2016. I also compete in Norwegian reservist (NROF) competitions, a military-style practical shooting discipline.


I joined the Army in 1995 at the age of 18 and became an armorer. I worked for KONGSBERG Protech Systems for 10 years, testing and shooting Remote Weapon Stations before returning to the Army in 2017.


Married and the father of two boys.


I compete with my JP CTR-02™, Vortex Razor HD Gen II-E in a Spuhr mount, a Vortex Razor red dot, and reloads using Vihtavuori powder and Lapua 69gr ScenarL bullets for the long range shooting... and of course, FrogLube as my weapons care system of choice!






The environment is important. I do not want to be exposed to dangerous substances while shooting.

Tommy Georgiopoulos




I have been shooting USPSA for over fourteen years I'm also a chief range officer as well as the deputy section coordinator for USPSA Metro East area. I have been proudly using Froglube in all my firearms for over eight years and have never looked back. Being near the ocean I get salt in the air that tends to rust everything. That soon stopped when I applied Froglube on everything that I can, to maintain rust-free lubrication. Being a professional competitive shooter I expect reliability and efficiency on all my gear and that is why I only use Froglube. I also love that Froglube is a Bio-based USDA and safe to use around my family. Being a part of the Froglube family has been the best choice I have made in years and they have been great to me.





"Being a professional competitive shooter I expect reliability and efficiency on all my gear and that is why I only use Froglube."

Ronnie Henry




My name is Ronnie Henry,  I have been shooting sporting clays for 4 years . My goal is to win the Tennessee state sporting clays championship. I shoot more than ten thousand rounds  a year and Frog Lube helps keep my shotgun functioning perfectly for every tournament.




"I shoot more than ten thousand rounds  a year and Frog Lube helps keep my shotgun functioning perfectly for every tournament."

Austin Hull

Austin Hull FrogLube Sponsor



Austin Hull. Started his shooting career at the age of 4 advancing to trap shooting at 11, and reached the pinnacle of his trap career in 2009 when he won the junior national trap championship.


He enlisted in the US Marine Corps in 2012 where he became interested in action shooting he shot his first three gun match in 2014 and has since climb the ranks both state and nationally. He currently serves as a member of the US Marines Marksmanship Training Unit and competes regularly in both regional and national matches. 





"I trust FrogLube for all of my firearms needs and beyond, working with fellow sponsored shooter Tyler Renville in Reno NV."

Stephen King





Stephen King of Palm Bay Florida. I have worked as a fire medic with Brevard County Fire Rescue for 20 years. I also work as a reserve officer with West Melbourne Police Department, assigned to the Special Response Team as a TacMedic.


I grew up hunting and shooting, then was introduced to competitive shooting in 2013, shooting mostly 3 gun and USPSA. In 2015 I started competing in Run n Gun events also. Living in Florida, with the heat, humidity, salt air, sandy ranges and the other elements and conditions the guns are exposed to during events, treating the guns and continued use of FrogLube just made the most sense.




I trust FrogLube to not only keep my competition guns running smoothly but my Duty Weapons as well. Cleaning the guns is much easier and quicker when using FrogLube and “It Just Works.”

Kim Leppänen




I am a sports shooter and trainer for dynamic shooting. I love to shoot in many different shooting sports: pistol/rifle/shotgun, but my specialty is dynamic shotgun and rifle shooting (IPSC/3gun). I am the Shotgun World Champion in 2015 with IPSC standard manual division and shotgun world championship silver medalist 2018 IPSC standard division. In 2017, I was 5th in IPSC rifle world championship. I have over 15 international IPSC championship victories from all around the world. I love to travel and shoot matches!


I live in Finland and we have very hard seasons for shooting including very hard winter seasons. In such hard conditions, it is important to have good gun care and that's why I have selected to use Frog Lube for every gun that I have! 




"I have used Frog Lube for every situation and for my guns since 2014 and I have never used better all-around lubrication system!"

Enzo Parsick




Enzo Parsick is an Anthropologist/Archaeologist that is contracted by the Department of Defense for projects that require operational security and that are often in areas where the "Hand of God" has or will be raining down freedom.
When he is not on rotation Enzo enjoys his time off at Enzo Ranch in Central California. There you can regularly find Enzo training for Tactical Rifle, USPSA Pistol, Tac-Pistol, and PRS/NRL "long-ish" range competition.

As you can imagine, multi-discipline tactical marksmanship at this level requires intense maintenance of one's gear. I trust Froglube exclusively to keep my arsenal hopping. Clean is Mean, failure is NOT an option. 




I'm not the best marksman at the match, I'm training to be better than the aggressor in my sights should that environment ever occur. The competitions are a great way to assess and push the development and maintenance of those skill sets

Kendall Reed




My name is Kendall Reed. I compete in International Skeet and I have been shooting for almost eight years now.
My ultimate goal is to make the U.S. Olympic Team and win Gold in the Olympics.  

So far in 2018, I have spent a lot of my time at home in Texas training for this year's competition season. I’ve also spent quite a bit of time traveling, from training in Colorado and Pennsylvania to compete in Florida, Arizona, Colorado, and Texas so far this year. My goal for 2018 as an athlete is to fine-tune my game and continue building consistency heading into Olympic Team selection in 2019.


For me, skeet shooting started out as a hobby, but over the years it has turned into an amazing career and passion. Getting to share that passion with others, especially women and young girls through social media is one of my favorite things about being an athlete. 




"FrogLube works better, faster and keeps my gun cleaner longer than any other product I’ve used before. 
It’s the only gun care cleaner that I trust!"

Tyler Renville




When it comes to shooting at a  world championship level, every little detail comes into play. Guns, gear, ammo, mindset, and of course, the confidence that your equipment will run flawlessly in any condition.

When it comes to making sure my firearms never let me down my one and only choice is Froglube. The Froglube system is one that allows me as a
competitive shooter to maintain a peace of mind when it comes to my firearms running in any situation I find myself in. Hot, cold, wet or dry, Froglube keeps my guns operating at their peak performance. 





"Thank you Froglube for providing a weapons care system that I can fully trust to help keep me on top of my game.

Mitchie Santiago








2018 Season, I started shooting Carry optics and PCC from OPEN DIVISION in USPSA. My goal is to reach my highest level of shooting for both division. I've been shooting lots of local indoor club matches here in my location (Area 8 /  DELMARVA). When I get classified in my division, I will shoot all MAJOR MATCHES in my area.




I tried so many gun oil and lube for a gun but no luck. Most of them failed me... Soon I discovered the FROGLUBE and follow the instruction, I run all my gun DRY now and never JAM at all!!! I use it to all my knife and tools too!

John Slavin


Reverend John AKA "the Pistol Packing Preacher,"has been competing and carrying a firearm every day for over 20 years.  John is a veteran of the United States Coast Guard, has worked private security, and most recently, has taken a position as a police chaplain.


He has been pastoring his church for over a decade and spends his free time instructing others in firearm use and competing in IDPA, USPSA, 2-gun, law enforcement, and outlaw side matches. His sponsors include CMC Triggers, Nighthawk custom firearms, Vortex optics, Integrated Survival Systems, Neomag, Brown Coat Tactical, Notchgear, and many others.


John holds a PhD in biology and teaches courses in active shooter Emergency Trauma care as well. You can find him on instagram at Pistolpackingpreacher. 



“As a colitis/crones/cancer survivor avoiding chemicals is a major part of my everyday life. Froglube's natural ingredients are not only 100% safe but allow me to clean my firearms indoors during the cold winter months without the harsh chemical odor found in other products. I have yet to find a product that works so well across so many platforms. For me the ONLY choice and the HEALTHY choice is Froglube!”

Scott Stanfield

pic 4.jpg



Fresh out of high school I joined the US Navy where I ended up as a law enforcement specialist for a 6-year enlistment. After the Navy tour, I joined the California Army National Guard where I ended up finishing 14 more years of service and 3 combat deployments in Afghanistan and Iraq. I am a Purple Heart Recipient for injuries sustained in combat back in 2011. Ever since the first day in the military I have been around firearms and now I am competing on a regular basis in USPSA pistol matches and USSL Multigun matches as often as I can.

FrogLube is, hands down the best cleaning and lubrication system I have ever used, mainly because it withstood the punishment I have put on it since 2011 in Afghanistan. Ever since my last combat tour I have used Froglube religiously on every firearm, I own or borrow!!

Now, these days I reside with my beautiful wife Amanda and family in Northern California where I continue to shoot USPSA and multi gun matches on a monthly basis.

pic 2.JPG




If Froglube can withstand the test of war, it can certainly withstand the punishment I inflict on it in my competition and sporting firearms.

Shooter Trunk


My name is Billy Young aka Trunk.  I am a native of Los Angeles California. I am married to my best friend and we have three children with one being in the US Air Force.  I currently serve as a Criminal Investigator for the Criminal Investigations Division for the US Navy.  I have been proudly serving our great country for the last 15 years and counting.  I began shooting in boot camp which I though was a bit scary.  Upon graduating boot camp I became a Military Police Office.


In 2003 I had my first match competing with the US Navy Marksmanship Team.  I didn’t do great but I didn’t do badly at all.  Somewhere in there I discovered I could shoot.  I later joined the Naval Expeditionary Combat Command and that is where my true love of the sport lit fireDuring the time between boot camp and Naval Expeditionary Combat Command, I became a Small Arms Instructor and a Crew Serve Weapons Instructor, Training Supervisor.

I eventually started shooting local matches and started my own shooting team.  and a Anti-Terrorism Officer.  After many years of training I learned respect for the tools we use and that maintenance was key to being successful.  I took a lot of classes that involve advanced shooting which are great for combat situations but Marksmanship is a complete beast.  I did well in the matches I took part in but Marksmanship Matches separate the rookies from the pro’s.  I myself like to consider myself a student of the shooting world. 




I started using FrogLube in 2012. Since then I have completely fallen in love with their product. Actions speak louder than words and their actions, like their products, are professional and dependable.

Eric Wynn




I began competing in 2009 after learning how to shoot a pistol. In 2012 I began shooting USPSA matches on a regular basis. In 2014, I ventured into the world of 3 gun, and I also attended my first major events in the FNH 3 Gun Championship and the Trijicon World Shooting Championship.


Since that time I have attended every World Shooting Championship and several other major 3 gun events from Blue Ridge to FNH. So far in 2018, I have been focusing on the Armalite 3 Gun Series and Kahles 2 gun series, both of which I am currently in the top 10 in the standings. I have also begun trying my hand in PRS (Precision Rifle Series) matches, placing second in my division my first time out. I am on board to compete at the NRA World Shooting Championship, an event I never miss, and I will also be competing at the Mountain 3 Gun Championship.




"My first experience with Froglube was at the 2014 Trijicon World Shooting Championship, and I was impressed. I began using it on my own shortly thereafter, and there is nothing else I trust more to keep my gear running smooth"

Douglas Tellef






2018 has been a busy year. After recovering from shoulder surgery I placed "High Overall Law Enforcement Officer" at the Yuma Match Masters Charity Match and West Coast Brass Fest. I am currently prepping to compete in USPSA Optics Nationals in October in Florida and Area 2 championships in Arizona in November.




"I have always been very impressed with all of FrogLube’s products.  
I have used them in conditions from freezing temperatures, cold with pouring rain and muddy, to hot and dusty and it has never let me down."

Brand Ambassadors

Eugene Jankowski

Host, Former LE, Shooter

Reality TV show Host at Shot To The Heart TV. Former NYPD and a graduate of the FBI National Academy

Chris Cheng

Public Figure, Sport Shooter

Author of "Shoot to Win"

Season 4 Champion of History Channel's Top Shot competition.

Jenn Seelhoff

Steel Challenge, Rimfire Steel

Shooting enthusiast who was raised in a gun friendly environment. Active as a competitive shooter.

Tracy Arnn

Cowboy Mounted Shooter

Retired LE Officer.
CMSA Utah State L1 Championship - 2013

Ray Harrell

Competition Shooter

IDPA and USPSA Shooter.

Father and Son Team

Kelli Sampsell

Competitive Shooter

2014 Area 3 USPSA MultiGun High Lady and 2014 Ladies National Subgun Champion.

Niki Jones

Editor, Instructor, Competitor

President of Sure Shots, Texas' Woman's, Pistol League. Editor of Sure Shots Magazine. NRA Certified Instructor. 

Cody Osborn


USPSA Shooter, IDPA and Multi Gun matches. Works in the firearm industry for Walther Arms.

Dani Nickens

NRA Certified Instructor

Competes in NRA Action Pistol, Steel Challenge, IPSC, 3Gun and USPSA

Ray Harrell

Competition Shooter

IDPA and USPSA Shooter.

Father and Son Team.

Vanessa Aguilar

Competitive Youth Shooter

12 year old marksman out of San Antonio competing in Steel, IDPA, USPSA and 2-gun

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