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New Product Announcement - RBC Kit

Updated: Sep 18, 2019


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FrogLube Brands

Larry Lasky, CEO

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FrogLube, the foremost bio-based gun care pioneer delivers kit and maintenance guide

Burleson, TEXAS, July 19, 2019 —Quick and easy proper break-in and maintenance of the gun’s barrel using FrogLube’s simple guide and product kit.

A most often overlooked procedure, but one that can mean the difference in service life and consistent accuracy. Copper and hydrocarbon dust under high pressure and heat form a plasma that becomes deposited in a gun barrel. FrogLube non-abrasive solvent cleaners are formulated to tackle this type of fouling and stabilize the barrel surface condition. “We’ve shot hundreds of thousands of rounds during the development process to ensure we are attacking the precise fouling particles while not upsetting barrel stabilization over the life of the barrel.” CAPT Larry Lasky, FrogLube founder.

FrogLube’s Rifle Bore Cleaning and Break-in Kit uses a dual product procedure, with Rifle Bore Cleaner (RBC) FrogLube Solvent™ in conjunction with a metal bonding sealer type lube, FrogLube Extreme™to inhibit further fouling build-ups and corrosion. This approach allows for a very simple and easy procedure to accomplish initial barrel conditioning during break-in. The kit contains FrogLube cleaner and lube products along with some handy container and applicator tools at price point under $20.00. See Kit here

FrogLube is a firearms maintenance product system built from the collective years of experience of US military elite tactical operators who envisioned long term weapons functionality, durability and consistency of accuracy. The foundation of products includes bio-based, non-abrasive cleaning solvents, and bio-based, solid film and liquid bonding lubricants. FrogLube is all natural, BioPreferred certified, 100% ingredients made in USA and headquartered in the Great State of Texas.

Break your weapon in right the first time you shoot!

FrogLube Products

251 SW Wilshire BLVD Ste 124

Burleson, Texas 76028

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