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Why break-in your gun's barrel?

A most often overlooked procedure, but one that can mean the difference in service life and consistent accuracy. Use #FrogLube products to break in a gun barrel. It's simple and easy. FrogLube provides a "GUIDE" on how to do it using our cleaners and our lube/preservative. Certain quality barrel manufacturers provide detailed instructions, and where they do, FrogLube advocates their procedure, (example) Why is it important to do a barrel break-in? Answer: Early in the life of the barrel is when the most effectual changes occur due to exposure to high heat, pressure and metallic friction.

barrel cleaning, copper removal, froglube, clean barrel
AR15 chamber plasma deposits 500 rds of firing

Hydrocarbon and metallic fouling is deposited in certain places in the barrel and chamber in a plasma state and should be properly "managed" to obtain the desired outcome for long term barrel performance.

AR15 chamber after cleaning with FrogLube cleaner

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