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Alway ensure the firearms is unloaded, rendered safe and ammunition source is removed. Confirm they condition by doing a VISUAL INSPECTION and get a buddy check if its available.


There are typically two sources of ‘gummy’ substance found inside guns and they are largely hydrocarbon-based:

1. Fouling from unburned propellant from ammunition. Propellant de agration (low explosive) results in some unburned powders left on metal surfaces.

2. Fouling from the hydrocarbon in petroleum-based gun care products.

Hydrocarbon has the characteristic of bonding to itself because of its property as a long chain molecule. This property makes it a good lubricant inside low-moderate temperature applications such as automo- bile engines. It is not so good inside of high temp appli- cations such as rearms. Above 200 ̊F (93 ̊C), most petroleum-based cleaners or oils will ash o (ignite) and deposit burned carbon as a byproduct.

FACT: FrogLube CLP alone does not get ‘gummy’. This can easily be tested by isolating a small amount of FrogLube and leaving it exposed to the environment for extended periods of time. Close observation will show that it remains very stable and will not change, such as become gummy.

If FrogLube is combined with petroleum or hydrocarbon fouling, the resulting mixture could trap particles of ‘gummy’ hydrocarbon. Why? FrogLube is a very durable lube and will not ‘burn off ’ under extreme heat such as the ring of a rearm. This mixture can be ‘pressed’ into rearm spaces by the extreme pressures created in the chamber when ring occurs.


Use a non-petroleum degreasing solvent to remove any fouling or dirty lube after ring. The surfaces and internal spaces should be cleaned by thorough ushing out or soaking parts in a tub of degreas- ing solvent to ensure any unwanted gummy material is removed.

The parts should be inspected and should be clean, dry and residue-free before re-applying clean lube. NEVER add clean lube on top of dirty lube.

FrogLube recommends the two types of degreaser products that we make: FrogLube Super Degreaser ‘concentrate’ OR FrogLube Solvent.

Both work the same, both clean and degrease and both come with our genuine factory warranty.

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