FrogLube Cleaners Clean Copper

One of the most often overlooked fouling challenges is copper build-up. FrogLube cleaners have been specifically formulated to clean copper fouling, but even more impressive, is that they are designed to work in tandem with FrogLube lubricants. The lubricants form a protective barrier to copper build-ups and the cleaners remove the 'excess' copper as displayed in this 150 round test.

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FrogLube is the world's FIRST Completely Bio Based Weapons Care and Performance system. FrogLube System includes CLP, Solvents, Degreasers and Lubricants. Designed to preform in even the harshest conditions.

Choose FrogLube for all of your firearms gun cleaning and maintenance  our CLP lubricant liquid and paste products are superior to non petroleum products. FrogLube is non toxic and safe for the whole family to use when cleaning. 

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