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FrogLube ProTip: Can this barrel be any cleaner?

Updated: May 23


If you haven’t tried FrogLube and BarrelBuddy’s in your barrel, get ready to be amazed.

FrogLube and BarrelBuddy have teamed up to advance the method for barrel maintenance.

FrogLube Use Diagram - Barrel
FrogLube Use Diagram - Barrel

Discussion: Barrels present unique challenges to cleaning and preservation.


  • The most important places are ‘internal’ and difficult to verify clean and protected.

  • Firing deposits can accumulate with increasing round counts due to soft metal, high heat, and high pressures in the barrel.

  • Corrosion from moisture and corrosive fouling debris in a closed space can occur rapidly

  • Patches are flat and bunch up; they are unable to fully contact the cylindrical surfaces in the barrel. That’s why we need THOUSANDS of them. *Groan



Two advancements have now entered the market from two companies who are on the leading edge of gun care R&D; FrogLube invented the use of bio-based gun care products and BarrelBuddy invented the cylindrical shaped barrel ‘foam-style’ cleaning patch. FrogLube cleaners are perfectly matched with the cylinder-shaped Barrel Buddy cleaning “plug” and deliver a thorough, quick, and simple clean in a matter of seconds.


Here is a barrel cleaning and preservation procedure using 5x BarrelBuddy units and FrogLube cleaner and lube.


Tip # 1: Use a brass bore brush to start the process. Brass brushes will dislodge stuck fouling and will enhance the barrel buddy sweep pass through the barrel.


Tip # 2: Pour some FrogLube cleaner into a small capture container for dipping the barrel buddy.


1.     Use a bore size matched jag and BarrelBuddy with FrogLube cleaner and absorb the liquid into the buddy.


2.     Run the barrel buddy through the barrel. Clean over a paper towel to provide a visual reference to observe the amount of fouling exiting the barrel and determine cleaning progress. This also makes for a swift clean-up when you’re finished. Toss soiled items in an ordinary trash bin.


3.     Repeat 2-3x, or until you are satisfied with the result.


4.     Soak a BarrelBuddy into FrogLube lube and run a pass through the barrel. Allow to set for 5 min.


5.     After 5 min wait, run a ‘dry mop’ pass to remove any excess lube.




  • Look for reduced fouling on the Barrel Buddy until minimal to no fouling is present.

  • Confirm a mirror finish on chamber and barrel surfaces, lands, and grooves.

  • Barrel surface should be dry and slick with no debris or foreign objects in the barrel.


Tip # 3: If this is an accuracy firearm, you should do a 3-5 rd ‘confirm’ LIVE FIRE to ensure your scope data has not changed, or to reverify your deviation of previous engagement (DOPE).


Conclusion: You will not find a more effective, efficient, and gratifying method for cleaning your barrel. FrogLube products can be obtained at, and use your SOTG discount (Use code: SOTG for 10% off). Find BarrelBuddy at


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