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What do we do with all the dead batteries?

My seat of the pants math...

Demand. See my last bill below (3230 kWh). A 25kWh solar panel system costs around $75,000.00 and produces 20 kWh (kilowatts per hour) during the 5 sunlight hours per day. For the other 19 hrs, we run on batteries, right? Ref:

The battery. Capacity of a Tesla commercial battery is approximately 100 kWh of electricity per day. The 8 kWh of unmet demand plus demand spikes and battery charging all add to the battery requirement. We would need (1) battery on duty, (1) charging and (1) night time/spike demand spare. If we have two Elec Vehicles, that's (2) more in our vehicles plus there will be a predictable increase in our kWh demand since we're adding battery charging to our current electric usage.

Batteries are good for 1500 charges. Assuming daily charging, batteries will last 4 years, or a consumption rate of 5 batteries/4 years. At 123M USA households, that's 615M batteries every 4 years. WITF?

With that I'll leave you with this:

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